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Product planning, UX design, UI design, Design Systems


Team setup

Solo designer, working directly with the founder


Equip is a start-up company based in New York working to disrupt the local construction gig industry. It’s a special type of job board, tailored for the needs of this market. The founder approached me to design the system and the MVP for an iOS app.



Before designing anything, we analyzed the competition and identified how Equip can be different. We’ve defined the two proto-personas: one for employers, and one for candidates. Having worked on a couple of job boards before, I knew how complicated these systems can get. To avoid confusion down the road, we first worked on a mind-map that outlined the entire system. Next, we went through a long exploration process, wireframing and prototyping different solutions. A few weeks later we had a wireframe of the app from both perspectives – employer and candidate.

Mind mapping

A product of such complexity needs proper planning. This helps avoid confusion and rework down the road. To organize the app and make sure the architecture made sense, we’ve put everything on a mind map that had 3 nodes – one for the worker section, one for the employer, and another for the global account.


This phase took the longest. We’ve explored various solutions for the features we’ve defined in the mind mapping phase. There where some interesting UX quirks, which I’ll talk about next. To keep us aligned, I worked collaboratively with the founder in Figma, using short iteration cycles. In the end, we had a final working prototype of the entire app.

UX challenges

Easy workspace navigation

An interesting problem was finding the right way to handle navigation because a user can play both roles – employer and candidate. For example, a carpenter would need the help of a gardener for a project for a client. Although most of the time


After observing the success of a competitor, the founder decided to also include a News Feed section in the app. The goal was to help create an online community, not just a job board. This way construction workers can keep in touch, see what others are doing and build meaningful work relationships. This is an important factor in this line of work.

Location-based browsing

Although the system will serve highly relevant jobs, based on factors like ratings, rate, or required skills, location is an important piece of very information in the decision-making process. To make this easier, we included the option to view the jobs in an Airbnb-like map. Also, we added an expandable map area in the job post details, right at the top.

Final MVP Prototype



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