Mieraria VIF —
branding a beekeeper

Branding, marketing materials, and a WordPress store designed for a local beekeeper from my hometown.


Mieraria VIF – a small family-owned, beekeeping business



Branding, Packaging, WordPress, HTML & CSS


As a small start-up, Mieraria VIF was strying to stand out from the crowd and maximize impact while keeping production costs low. Mieraria VIF produces high-quality honey and honey products. To maximize profits, many beekeepers dilute their honey. This is where VIF is different. They’re products are 100% natural.



I worked with the client to produce a simple, playful and appealing brand. To keep costs low, we kept the packaging simple and clean, but also made it friendly. It’s a family-owned business, after all. Once the brand was defined, I put together an online shop using WordPress, Woocommerce and a premium theme. I’ve also shot the products we needed for the website using a light tent and a Nikon D5300 camera.


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