Teamweek —
project estimator

Showcase of a simple web app for building budget estimates. This was quick, 3-day test project done for Teamweek.


Teamweek – a project management platform



Interaction design, Responsive web design


This project is a quick 2-day challenge done during a trial-run for a job at Teamweek. The goal was to design simple tool for quickly putting together project estimates. The target users were project managers, marketing specialists, and small business owners. The tool was designed to be free and would serve as a lead generator for Teamweek and an up-selling tool, as users could convert the estimate into a Teamweek project.



I designed the tool as simple as possible, so that users can achieve their goal as fast as possible. Get in, write down items, send, get out. This is achieved by using a splashpage to create the project and by keeping everything on 1 core page. Different modals and flyouts are used to add or manage content of the estimate.



A top drawer holds the main project details.
A bottom drawer houses summary, graphs and final CTAs.


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