Toyota Companion App


Gavalgnized, for Toyota


UI design, UI animation


This is a project done for an agency named Galvagnized, which was pitching to Toyota. I worked based on wireframes and direction received from them, to improve usability and aesthetics. The companion app helps Toyota owners remotely control their cars and rent other Toyotas and Lexuses. The app was designed and prototyped in Figma.

Final prototype

Video demo


Start with a splash!

To showcase what the app can do, I’ve designed an animation on the login screen that helps the user get a feel for the app, and be aware of the main features before logging in.

The dashboard

The main screen provides the user brings the user a lot of control at their fingertips – from starting the engine to flashing the car lights or showing the location of the car.

Car status overview

The car status section allows users to check the health and security of their – anything from making sure the doors and windows are closed to checking engine oil levels.

Rent a Toyota

The Rentals tab helps users easily search for a rental car, filter the results, and jump between listings when exploring their options.

Dark mode

The app is equipped with a dark theme that turns on in low-light situations or can be switched on by the user using the button in the top-right of the dashboard.

Other sections

The app is packed with tons of functionality such as car location, child seat installation instructions, climate control, and more.


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