Worksmart 2.0


Crossover for Work



Product strategy, UX research, UI design, Branding


Team setup

Sole designer working with PM and CEO


Crossover for Work is an outsourcing company. They developed an internal tool called Worksmart to track the time work of their contractors and help them optimize their work habits. In 2017 Crossover decided to make this product available to everyone. It’s a software that, once implemented, can help individuals at 3 levels of an organization – individual, team manager and top-manangement. Each one can specific goals.



I worked closely with the PM to define the concept and identify the needs of each user type (worker, team leader, manager). We started with building a mindmap in Next, based on the mind map, i wireframed the system. To make sure the app makes sense and is intuitive, I’ve organized a set of 10+ user interviews conducted through We recruited the testers from our 2000+ community of contractors. I realize this tester pool is slightly contaminated because most of them heavily used the old Worksmart, but time and budget were an issue. The interviews revealed a few small tweaks and improvements we needed to do but the overall concept and execution was solid. Finally, the fun stuff – visual design. First, I designed a simple brand. For the UI, using Figma components, I developed a design system and built out the final design.




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